Awesome health services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring thorough and up-to-the-minute medical service to the doorstep of our members at a reasonable price. We want to reduce health issues by properly focusing on medical history analysis with an extensive healthcare plan.

Our Vision

Better health and well being for all Bangladeshis, now and for future generations.


We are stepping forward with the following objectives:

About us

Many of us are facing challenges in caring for our family members and loved ones. Distance and working lives can make it difficult to focus on family member’s needs and get them the care they deserve. The waiting times in scheduling a consultation with doctors can be frustrating and it’s important to know which doctor will be the best for your specific problem area. Acro Medical is here committed to helping you care for the health and well being of your loved ones.

We not only provide home healthcare services but we also specialize in offering personalized assistance in meeting the individual requirements of our clients. Acro Medical will play a role in your life and will adjust to changes in your routine and schedule. Our services will provide as much or as little care as you require. We will do our best to provide complete solutions to your needs. Acro Medical’s goal is to lead and shape the Bangladesh health system focusing on policies, well-targeted programs and best practice regulations.

Management Team and Team Members

Mr. Ariful Islam - Founder & CEO

Miss. Sungida Sultana - Head of CSD. Research & Development

Dr. Mahfuz Hossain, BDS, DDS, MPH - Chief Consultant, Dental Care

Dr. Sharifa Akter Liza, General Medicine

Dr. Najnin Ara Najia, BDS, PGT

Mr. Sourav Hossain - Business Development & Corporate Affairs

Mr. Belal Hossain Sujon - Head of Nursing Department

Mr. Rakib Hossain - Customer Service Executive -CSD

Miss. Susoma Odhakari Rani - Customer Service Executive -CSD

Adviser Team

Abidur Rahman Ph.D
Associate Professor
Faculty of Agriculture
Iwate University, Japan

Syed Nuruzzaman
MS in Textile and Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sayeeda Nuruzzaman
MS in Population Science and Health Service Administration
School of Public Health, Harvard University, Cambrdge, Massachusetts

Brigadier General Professor Dr. Musa Khan
Senior Consultant Cardiac & Vascular Surgeon
Head of Dept. Incharge Cardio –Vascular Centre
CMH, Dhaka

Dr. Abir Kumar Sarker
MBBS, CCD, FCPS (Part-1) Surgery
Diabetic, Medicine & Emergency (Surgical & Trauma)

Dr. Farjana Shahid Sathi
MBBS, BCS (Health)
Assistant Surgeon – Obst & Gynae

Significant Medical Area

Acro Medical’s main focus is maintaining utmost quality in every stage of service. We are using advanced technology software which will introduce new levels of medical service in today's competitive environment. Our goal is to operate a successful and cost-effective practice in Bangladesh.

In developed countries, citizens are assured of their health services by being registered under a healthcare service center. They are typically monitored under a general practitioner and when in need of medical services, notify their healthcare service center and have a general practitioner come to their home to give a consultation. They are easily able to receive services with minimal hassles while sitting in their homes. This is the modern concept of securing healthcare and we are now just bringing this concept to Bangladesh. Our country is a densely populated country and it is difficult to reach hospitals or doctor chambers quickly due to traffic and busy lifestyles. Acro Medical wants to modify the system of healthcare services in Bangladesh and adopt a modern one.

Reduce repeated test practice in Bangladesh

General or non-medical persons typically don’t have much knowledge on diagnostic tests. Many of us nowadays are facing repetitive test problems in our country. Unnecessary testing can make up a large proportion of a laboratory’s workload. Acro Medical is working to identify the cause of this problem to try and reduce the rate of repetition without reason. Unnecessary testing is happening due to:

All of the above situations are caused by lack of proper documentation and leading to financial drawback. Repeat testing will be reduced by the use of computerized documentation process, general awareness etc. We are working with diagnostic centers that provide repeated test results without associated extra costs if the results are an error caused by the physician. We are keeping records of our members test results in our system and can provide copies of reporting.

Independent and trustable health partner

Acro medical provides organized throughout and integrated medical services to deliver patients cost effective healthcare in their homes or work place. Our primary aim is to provide the best quality service so that an appropriate care pathway can be established.

We understand that arranging healthcare services in a convenient and timely manner is important to you. That's why we are constantly working to reduce waiting times to help you receive the service you need as quickly as possible.

What you can expect from Acro Medical: