Doctor Services

Get the perfect care whenever required.

Forget waiting for hours to visit the doctor. At Acro Medical, you can have highly qualified doctors to visit your home and provide the required treatment with care.

Acro Medical is providing Doctor Home visits with specialists as well as good experienced Medical profession especially for senior citizens, with quality and affordable with pricing treatment at home.

The Doctors at Acro Medical are well qualified and experienced in wound care, post-surgery care, general health Check-up and diabetic care for Geriatrics.

Reasons for the Home Doctor visit

Orthopaedic Care

Orthopaedic Care

Receive care for your bones, joints, and muscles at Acro Medical. You’ll receive attention from orthopedic specialists for long-term treatment for the senior patients who suffer from arthritis, recent falls and other knee and bone disorders including post-operative care for the elderly at home.

Physiotherapy Care

Physiotherapy Care

Sometimes we are affected by joint pains, musculoskeletal pains, knee pain, Frozen shoulder and others, we are here with very flexible and attentive care for our patients to make them lesser dependence on others and better quality of life.


  • Specialized manipulative physiotherapy
  • Post – Surgical physiotherapy
  • Higher end imported modalities which customized to homes
  • Chest / Cardiac physiotherapy
  • Neuro physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Sports physiotherapy